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Karl Marx, A Former Model 

Performative Reading 

Karl Marx, a former model, plants himself among the hypocrisy of socialist-cum-artist-cum-cocktail life, sipping New York Sours out of East Village lofts. Still, artists persevere, making militant manifestos on cups of benzos, wanting our ethics to be impeccable but failing miserably. Catch a glitter model, and you can sell them. 

Estelle Hoy and musical artist Tempers invite you to a reading and sound work exploring Capital Pains, Sexism, Experimental Electronics, Balenciaga, Fish-Tanks, Marxist Manifestoes, Jim Jarmusch groupie’s, Glam Synth Pop, Models with Glitter for Skin, the Tupac of the White Cube, hologrammed piggy banks, sex, and oblivion.

Fundraising for Iran Revolution: Donations box and from drink sales.
Which is to say, drink up.

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Estelle Hoy

Estelle Hoy is a writer and art critic based in Berlin. Her critically acclaimed book, Pisti, 80 Rue de Belleville, was published by After 8 Books in 2020 with an introduction by Chris Kraus. She is working on a collaborative book and exhibition at ICA Milano (2023), Jus d’Orange” with Camille Henrot, and a forthcoming book of essays (2024). Hoy regularly publishes in the international art press, including Mousse Magazine, Spike Art, e‑flux, Artforum, Flash Art, O32c, apartmento, and Frieze. She has exhibited in galleries including White Cube, Kamel Mennour, and Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, alongside artists including Louise Bourgeois, Miriam Cahn, Camille Henrot, Anne Imhof, Mona Hatoum, Sarah Lucas, Rick Owens, Bruce Nauman, Michèle Lamy.


Tempers is a New York based outfit headed by singer and songwriter Jasmine Golestaneh, melting low-lit poetic synth-pop with hints of techno, shoegaze and post-punk.

Widely influenced by Fleetwood Mac via Kraftwerk to Joy Division and upbringing between London and New York, Tempers evolved quickly into their singular identity on debut album Services’, including underground dancefloor hit Strange Harvest’. The 2017 EP Fundamental Fantasy’ was released as a result of The Vinyl Factory’s Volcano Extravaganza artist residency on the Aeolian island of Stromboli. Tempers’ interest in the arts led to the 2018 release Junkspace feat. Rem Koolhaas’, a concept album set in a shopping mall, collaborating with famed architect Rem Koolhaas through samples of interviews deconstructing the architecture of consumerism. 2019’s full length Private Life’ progressed their cinematic aesthetic into more introspective landscapes, and featured their most popular track to date, Capital Pains’. The recent New Meaning’ is the 2022 sophomore album on Daïs Records, including the single Unfamiliar’ and the 3D animated video-art for Sightseeing’. The record is accompanied by a book of album inspired hand made collage art by Golestaneh (Old Habits Publishing). Alongside numerous live performances, 2023 marks an innovation for the band: the evolution from a duo setup with producer Eddie Cooper to an enhanced set of collaborations, both live and on recordings, led by Jasmine Golestaneh.Recent highlights include festivals like Levitation Austin, Hipnosis Mexico, Synästhesie Berlin, Grauzone The Hague, special events like at the Andy Warhol Museum Pittsburgh and sold out headline shows at Elsewhere Brooklyn, Zebulon LA, Kantine am Berghain Berlin and Moth Club London.